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Anniversary Poems
On This Day


This was the day
We stood before God
Said those words
That bound us forever

I took you as my bride
Answer to my prayers
My hope my dreams
Food to my soul

It was the beginning
Of our eternity
A life of love
You and me

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Fresh in my heart
After so many years
The words we spoke
Memories of that day

Such joy and pride I had
You were mine
Body and soul
To have to hold

Nothing more precious
Than you and our love
Our children we gave life
A life spent with you

Forever present on my mind
My first and last thought
My reason for being
My love always growing

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What went wrong
I will never understand
How it came to an end
This love we shared

All I know
I had real love once
Lived the dream
Held you tight

I shall never settle for less
Than what we had
True love and happiness
Feelings of holding you

So on this day
Happy yet sad memories
Of what we had
And now is lost

By Richard Maxfield


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