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Anniversary Poems For Husband
On Our Anniversary


Tomorrow is our anniversary

I'll be celebrating alone.

You have gone off somewhere,

on a voyage unknown.

We are miles and miles apart,

but you are always in my heart.

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Seven wonderful years we've been together,

our love will last forever.

You've been my rock, my strength and my security.

The one I want to grow old with.


I hate that you had to go away,

but just know that I am here to stay:

you carry my heart wherever you go.


When sweat runs down your face,

It's my tears washing away your fears.

When you hear children laughing,

think of our children.

I see your love in their eyes everyday.

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When the wind blows on your cheek,

it is a kiss from my lips.

And when the ocean breeze brushes your face,

listen... it is me whispering to you.......

I'm Always With You!


To my loving husband, Ron

Happy Anniversary Honey




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