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Birthday Love Poems
Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Babe

Hope you have a good one

Special wishes to you always

May you always have the sun

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I wish I could be there with you

To celebrate your special day

I hope it brings you a lot of joy and fun

I hope everything goes your way


You are a very special man to me

That I long to hold

To have you near me

Till we grow old


To me you are a man

Who has a heart of gold

Who anyone can see

Is as pure as the day is old


I know this sounds a bit full on

But it is just the way I feel about you

I would give anything in the world

So you would never be blue

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You told me once

That you could never my hero

Well babe you already are

And you'll always be my hero


So Babe this is just to say

With all my heart

!!Happy Birthday!!

!!Hugs To You Always!!


By TeddyKabooze


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