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Free Love


Love, real love, is free like the wind

and birds that glide on it

Love is open honest unpretentious

its treasures never hidden away

but bestowed freely and completely

with no regard as to the consequences

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Love is the merging of two souls so seamlessly

there is no demarcation between them

no walls left standing, no curtains drawn

Acceptance of the very weakest and

worst parts of who the beloved really is

with nothing derogatory to say about it


Love is not passion, but make no mistake

love is not love without it

Men and women were created to give

the most intimate, the most exciting

relationship of life to one another

Living together without passion

is existing alone and lying to yourself

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The heart has a mind of its own

We only fool ourselves into thinking

we can deliberately chose whom we will love

We can refuse to follow the course of love

but, oh, the essence of it leaps over boundaries

as though they aren't even there

Love is free, you can never imprison it

behind walls of duty and reason

Love is free like the wind

and birds that glide on it


By La Belle Rouge


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