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Funny Wedding Poems
The Wedding That Was Not!


'Miz Pussy Cat, mam, if you please,

I have a question to ask you,

Would you please consent to be my wife?

Oh, Miz Pussy Cat, please do!'

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'What! Marry you, I should say not!

I'd never be the wife of a sausage hound!

If I lost my mind and married you,

I'd be the biggest laughing stock around!'


'Oh, Miz Pussy Cat, You have wounded me!

You have hurt me down to my soul!'


'Well, I can't help it, Sausage Hound!,

Over your feelings, I have no control!'


And before it was ever started,

The wedding between

the sausage hound and cat was off,

And all because the cat was so darn proud,

And she thought her friends would scoff!

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And the sausage hound ran off into the sunset,

And was never seen any more,

And the fate of the pussy cat was spinster hood.

That's how God evened up the score!


By Miskitti


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