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Husband Poems
My Husband - My Friend


It's not the easiest thing in the world,

to find you a friend that loves you through all.

But yet when I see you, that's just what I have,

my husband, my confidante, my very best friend.

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The road started rocky, so many turns,

we were so different, with so much to learn.

We argued and cried and then we made up,

knowing the other without us would give up.


Our life is much smoother, with each bend we take,

I cherish your kindness and your gentle ways.

We've grown so much wiser with age on us now,

and come so much closer, with love above all.

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I pray to the Lord who looks over us here,

that when its time to die he'll take both of us dear.

To lay side by side in our eartly grave,

And walk hand in hand through God's pearly gates.


By Bonnie Sue


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