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Love Poems For Husband
For My Husband


It's been many years

We met on a crisp fall day

I had pain I was overcoming

You took that pain away


It started with a dance

All night talking in a cafe

You listened to me and smiled

And the night turned into day

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How could I have known then

That I'd become your wife

And want to be with you

For the rest of my life


The ups and downs

We've had so many

But through it all

I've loved you Vinny


I've never strayed

Although at times I wanted to

I guess I needed that feeling

That I had when I first met you

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You've always been there for me

From the first time that we met

The joy we've had is stronger

Than any pain we now regret


So through the years I'll stay

My love for you will grow

Until the time God takes us

For that I truly know


By Rhonda L


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