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Love Poems For Wife


Thinking now,

in my early eve of life,

Of days gone by,

when first I knew my wife.

We were young,

loving life with great zeal,

Laughing, living and finding appeal.

In such things as dancing,

kissing and talking till morning,

We never grew weary,

we never got worn.

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In love, we became,

not two persons but one,

Seeking our life dreams,

and the search being done,

We married each other,

for our love was true,

And lasting till now,

through good times and blue.

A marriage of souls,

like a bittersweet wine,

The hardships, the victories,

age love over time.

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The years now are many,

since our romance began,

It waxes and wanes,

but still on our hands,

Are rings made of gold,

showing all that may see,

Our love is still strong,

mine for her, hers for me.


By R.K.Robinson Jr.


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