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Marriage Poems
Please Be My Wife


Warm sun, gentle breeze

Sparkling seas, you and me

On a beach, under swaying palm

Sound of the waves, peaceful and calm

You my love, next to me

Nowhere on earth, I'd rather be

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The love in your eyes, warms my heart

You and I together, never to part

Hold a sea shell, to your ear

It whispers I love you, so very clear

Golden brown skin, glisten in the light

I know our love, is forever right

The smile on your face, says it all

For you nothing, too large or too small

The taste of a kiss, your hands in mine

A love like ours, is heavenly divine

Our shadows dance, across the sand

You are my lady, I am your man

Sea gulls floating, on warm sea wind

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You are my lover, my very best friend

You in my arms, as orange sunset

Together my love, so much to come yet

My hands in your hair, your head on my chest,

You and I together, our love is the best

I ask you dear, to share your life

Please my sweet, be my wife


By Richard Maxfield


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