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Poems About Love
A Point To Make About Love


Can you answer these questions with ease?

An answer I'd like from you, if you please.

You wonder how someone

can love with sight unseen,

Think about this, and you'll know what I mean.

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How do you know you love God in any way?

Have you seen him

personally in your eyes each day?

Has he stood before you and held your hand,

Or was it just a touch you seem to understand?

What about a baby inside the womb of a mother,

Can she love it before her eyes can discover?

Can she feel an attachment to this seed of joy,

With sight unseen is it love to this girl or boy?


Can you answer these questions with a yes or no?

Can love be real if unseen, as far as feelings go?

Can you know love

without your eyes being the judge,

Or does sight alone

give your heart the needed nudge?

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How do you know love, is it only seen with your eyes,

Or is it felt in the heart and soul, to realize?

A point to make about love this is true,

Now, can you understand, what I am telling you?


By Wanda Christian Stirewalt


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