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Poems On Love
A Sermon On Love


If you think you can

describe love in words, you are wrong.

If you think you could ever

make someone understand

The depth of your feelings for them,

You are wasting precious breath.

If you think you could ever fully comprehend

Your own feelings of love, it isn't truly love.

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Love is more than words.

Love is more than loving.

When you love someone,

Saying 'I love you' will make you angry,

Because it simply doesn't convey

what you want them to know,

And there is no way to say it that will.

When you hug them,

it doesn't bring you close enough.

You squeeze them tight,

And you have the urge to climb into their soul...

But deep inside your heart,

You know that wouldn't be close enough.

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When you love someone,

You will become

a better person with them by your side,

And when they are gone you will feel hollow.

All of the words in my world couldn't explain this to you,

But if you ever find it,

There will be no need to question.

Love is love, and everything more.


By BlueEyesSmiling


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