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Poetry On Love
Perspective On Love


Anytime we experience love, it leaves it's mark
there is something positive that comes from it
we are enriched because it has occurred
love is positive, it is alive, it brings life
the relationship ends, love endures
it has taken residence and is now a part of you

well, you say, I was in love it did not last
and the pain hurt so badly I never got past
many things I say, mix with love...
it is not love that caused the pain
but the mixture within we
can be healed of the sorrow,
the love will remain shining inside
and warming the heart of you

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if we were able to look at the love clearly alone,
we would see the strength it gave and
the lesson gained that which was love will remain,
a clear and bright light shining within
ready to use when time comes
it is not personal to one but everlasting, never dying
a clear and steady warmth that spreads and grows

when you love someone,
that relationship is personal between you and them,
if that friendship ends the light of that love
and the doors opened within remain,
the joys, understanding, vistas of laughter and
awe have planted trees, flowers, grasses
in that garden of love,
watered those already in bloom

at times a person can only
go so far in a relationship
one party grows another doesn't,
one moves on the other stays,
these are the nuances the variables in life
for which we cannot plan
each relationship teaches us
if we are open to perceive,
friend or lover it matters not

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we are natural, love is supernatural,
beyond and an extension of, the natural,
a privilege a joy a blessing
if I have loved and that one leaves, I have grown
I am more beautiful, fuller, I have blossomed
better I am because of that privileged experience

I have expanded my borders, parameters, I am capable
of loving greater, compassion has entered into my soul
I bless that person in every way,
I once had a close and endearing relationship filled
with much difficulty, sorrow and even fear as we traveled
together down the road of his traumas and tragedies

It has ended but my love for him goes on, as a friend forever
I thank him for the growth in me,
the forced opening of my mind and heart
I now have a far greater capacity to love, to understand,
I have seen the depths of despair in another's soul
and I have come away with what seems to me
a heart that has swelled, opening wide - supernaturally

By josharon


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