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Relationship Poems
Making A Relationship Work


So many things we think we understand,

Sometimes we only learn by doing it firsthand.

Being in LOVE with someone is not all there is,

There's so much more to a relationship than this.

You have to have COMMUNICATION

to say what you feel,

Expressing your emotions and feelings so real.

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is not so easy sometimes to do,

But with love at first hand its easier to see it through.

You've got to have FAITH in each other and TRUST,

In any relationship that is one big... MUST.

HONESTY between each other, no lies to be told,

Only truth be known, no matter if it sounds cold.

CARING for one another,

as their number one in your life,

SHARING all your ideals and concerns,

breaking through the strife.

COMPASSION is the thing

you have to have each day,

As they express to you their hardships in anyway.

With children, bills, and everyday problems arising,

Making a relationship work,

can sometimes take such COMPROMISING.

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But if your LOVE is so strong and you know what you feel,

The relationship can work, and reality can be real.

For IT TAKES TWO, and it TAKES WORK each day,

A relationship is more than words can ever say.

Making a relationship work is hard as it can be,

But it can work... if that is what you 'BOTH' want to see.


By Wanda Stirewalt Starnes


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