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Sad Poems About Love
Our Failed Relationship


It is the strongest known human emotion
that'll make you go insane.
It will relieve you from all the anger,
and take away all the pain.

Hate, dislike, mistrust, distaste
Whatever you wanna call it,
I think I realized too late.

All my life that's all I've felt for you.
Constantly, persistantly
I've tried to convince myself
that I'm in love with you.

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I've tried to push myself, punish myself,
pursuade myself trying to make this work.
But with time I've come to realize
that you're just one insensitive, uncaring jerk.

You are the reason for my insanity
The object of my antipathy
For you I have supressed animosity
Desires of antagony
Reasons for hostility
And thoughts of you bring uncertainty

You are the single contagion,
the one and only plague.
If there ever was an ounce of happiness in my life,
thanks to you its outline is rather vague.

You have made me bare with untimely hardships.
I think of this as I stand back and stare
intently at our failed relationship.

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The tears that I've shed
could flood the banks of all rivers,
and create waves eighty feet tall.
My tears will drown you,
they'll drown me, they'll drown us all.

How can I throw away so many tears
with so much profigency?
How can I ever supress
this emptiness I feel inside?
How can you hate me,
hurt me with so much efficiency?
You've destroyed my heart,
my soul, my dignity and my pride.

By Analiz


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