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Teenage Love Poems
Teenage Love Story


They all look at us and see
Something perfect....
Something they all want...
Something they try to reach,
But they think they could never come close
To matching what we have.
They only see what they want to see,
A true teenage love story....

They're reading our fairy tale
Word for word,
Page by page.
Can't wait to see what happens next.
They're so interested
And I don't know why.
So I smile when I stand by your side,
Every once in a while, it's ok to lie.

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They seem to think,
That there is no me without you.
'Do you and Luke want to do this?
Are you and Luke going to do that?'
It doesn't make any sense to me,
We may spend a lot of time together
But you're not my other half.

You're the kind of guy everyone likes.
No one would ever hate you,
You're nice to everyone.
And you're smart too,
One of the top five in your class.
You're so talented,
Writing and singing and playing your guitar.
You're good at sports,
You're good at everything you do.
That's why they say I'm so lucky to have you.
But They don't know you,
Like I do.

I've seen things,
That they would never imagine you'd do.
I've heard things,
That they would never imagine you'd say.
You're a lot different on the inside.
And so are we,
Hiding behind the outside,

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Underneath our love story,
Is another tale.
That they wouldn't want to read,
So they don't look deep enough...
And they don't look close enough...
It lies in the fine print and between the lines.
Telling a different kind of love story,
Where the girl isn't exactly happy,
But she needs the security.
And the boy doesn't really love her,
But he needs the possession.

I wish they would all stop for a second,
Stop reading,
Word for word,
Page by page.
If they would look a little closer...
And read the fine print.
If they would look a little deeper...
And read between the lines.
They'd see what they didn't want to see...
Me and you?
We're not a true teenage love story.

By rieclarrae


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