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Teen Love Poems
A Teenage Girl's Deepest Desire


All I want is a guy to love who will love me back
Like me for who I am, not for what I have
This guy will appear out of the blue
Me knowing it's him just by the clues

He will walk into my life understandingly
Having his head up high, being strong just for me
Always being there when I need him the most
He will hold out his arms and hold me close

He has to open a door that will lead to my heart
Touching it in certain ways gives him a start
I want our love to be honest and true
I want him to feel the things I do

He will be my shooting star
Always adoring him from afar
I want to whisper secrets in his ear
Tell him I love him with nothing to fear

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I want to be everything he's been dreaming of
I want him to be able to show me his love
I want him to hold me safe in his arms
Kiss me on my head, keep me from harm

Whether the decisions I make are right or wrong
He'll love me through thick and thin,
no matter what goes on
My heart opens more when he gives me trust
When he appears, my heart gives more thrusts

The sound of his voice takes away all my fears
When he shows me love, he brings me some tears
My parents will trust him just as I do
Knowing our love for each other is very true

That wonderful feeling to know you're in love
To have and to hold is a great gift from god above

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Those two little words change everything
A sign of his love is a beautiful ring
'I do' is a start to a new world for both of you
Starting over again is a baby being born, something new

I want us to live a wonderful life
Where I can say I'm proud to be his wife
This is something very special to me
Will god give me this dream I've longed to see?

A guy very special to me who I can treasure forever
Letting us live a wonderful life happily together

By aaronsgirl


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