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Wedding Anniversary Poems
Happy Anniversary Maggie


So many years as man and wife.

A lovely way to spend my life.

Has it really been that long, who could know?

The years have passed and none too slow.


My love for you grows stronger with time

Remembering the day I made you mine.

I'd marry you again with love anew

Just to spend the time with you.

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Thank you for your love and trust

Your inner beauty leaves all others in the dust.

The best part that I must say

Is coming home to you each day.


I love you for the little things.

That's why you wear my ring

There could be no better life

Than us to live as man and wife.

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The love of my life will always be

The one and only Maggie

Love and kisses from Kenny

Our remaining years I pray are plenty.


By Daring Diana


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