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Wedding Poems
Wedding Day Blues


The wedding day dawned bright and hot
No clouds to spoil the sky
I should have been so happy
Yet a tear gleamed in my eye

As I spoke my wedding vows
I could feel love slip away
It was all I could do to concentrate
On what I had to say

I wanted nothing more
Than to hear you speak my name
To tell me that you loved me
That you and I both felt the same

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You stood there looking so handsome
The man from all of my dreams
But each wedding vow I uttered
Pulled you further away it seemed

It took my nearly losing you
To discover that I was in love
And you weren't just infatuation
But a gift from God up above

I did not love the man I had married
And I worked it out almost too late
That you were not just a crush
But my destiny, and my fate

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At long last we spoke our true feelings
And as I gazed deep in your eyes
It was worth all the trouble to get there
Worth all the cheating and lies

Now each day and night spent together
Is time I hold dear to my heart
We'll never more be sad and lonely
There is nothing could tear us apart

By Buzby


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