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Wedding Poems And Readings
A Cheyenne Wedding


'We will not feel the rain

for we will be each others shelter.

We will not feel the cold

for we will be each others warmth.

We will never feel alone...

forever more... we will be as one.'


No Laws... no paper... no state

or no statute can hold us together

nor split us apart...

this can only held or lost... by the heart.

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Our love will hold the passion

and power of a thunderstorm.

through the days the sun will be our friend...

through the night... the children... our stars.


We will share their destiny

and be their strength and support.

We will honor our God...

our Country... and mother earth...

for to honor one... is to honor all...

and to disrespect one is to disrespect all.

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We will be there for each other... forsaken all others...

We make this commitment toshow our faith

and the truth of our love for each other.

We have nothing to show to each other...

and nothing to prove to each other.

We bring into this commitment only the honor of our word

and the commitment of our hearts.


We will walk our own path, where ever it leads,

We will walk it together... as one.

for as long as we both shall live.

this is our prayer.

Beth Fisher 'Penny' and J.W. Oliver


By kuddl2u


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