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Nobodys Wife


Child's innocent eyes stood at the altar

I promised to love you, I did not falter

All battered and bruised I stood by your side

What a horrible thing to do to a bride

A child inside I was carrying today

But this still didnt take the hurt away

A child myself how could this be

To feel so alone, so helpless, not free

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As time went by and children came fast

I prayed once again please dont make it last

This temper of yours could cause so much pain

Forget the bottle please dont drink again

A new start in life, how wondrous to me

A far off horizon, a land girt by sea

The life it was easy, too easy by far

Please come home safely, stay away from the bar

So long I had dreamed of sweet married life

So alone did I feel now, Nobodys wife

At last I decided, the time it drew near

No hurts did I need, just because of a beer

Destruction inside is not visible, that's true

Some hurts can go deper than mere black and blue

I left you quite swiftly, in the blink of an eye

If you wanted to keep me why didnt you try

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A second chance came, I grabbed it with glee

No pain and no anger, You'd look after me

At first I was happy, no doubts did I find

But after a while you ruffled my mind

Your drinking grew heavy, your smoking got worse

Dear God in heaven why am I cursed

Surely my heart so kind and so great

Can find some love now before its too late

Or am I to end the days of my life

Alone and unhappy, Nobodys Wife


By Lindy Pyke


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